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In 1905, amidst the largest drug epidemic in American history, a teenage Alice has just moved to the Pacific Northwest. She follows a mysterious man down a rabbit hole, leading her into Wonderland; a dark and curious world inhabited by characters from turn-of-the-century America and the Pacific Northwest.

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The Other Side of the Mirror movie full length review - a movie with potential, not good, but the people that worked on it have a ton of potential.

the story follows the story of Alice going through a twisted version of wonderland....

without any actual wonder, i don't know the budget this movie had, but i have seen movies with really low budget pull of amazing things, if this is the first appearance of most of these actors i can see it as a stepping stone to grow bigger and better, but its still a pretty mediocre movie, with the hatter being the only one with actual character development, leaving Alice....as she started, having her adventure through Wonderland men nothing for the character, or change nothing at all on her character, to the cast i say: don't let a bad review of the movie stop you, keep going and keep growing. and to the people planing to watch the movie i say :......you might want to rethink what you want to watch.