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Orson Welles' unfinished masterpiece, restored and assembled based on Welles' own notes. During the last 15 years of his life, Welles, who died in 1985, worked obsessively on the film, which chronicles a temperamental film director—much like him—who is battling with the Hollywood establishment to finish an iconoclastic work.

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In his Arizona-published book, THANKS FOR TUNING IN, author Richard Ruelas contends that performers Bill Thompson and Pat McMahon (from Arizona's fabled WALLACE AND LADMO SHOW) have bit parts in the film. Welles had shot his footage in Phoenix. IMDb may want to add them to the cast list.

The legal disputes involving Welles' daughter are sad. She seems to be one of those people who wants to own something no one else has or has access to. I've lost hope the issue will ever be resolved, and we likely will never see the footage. I hope I'm wrong. Not only for fans of Orson Welles, but even for fans of John Huston, who was always great in his acting appearances.

Huston has an interesting account of the shooting in his 1979 memoirs, AN OPEN BOOK.