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Man’s best friend becomes his worst nightmare when a horde of bloodthirsty wild dogs descends upon a family’s farmhouse in a fang-bearing fight for survival.

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The Pack movie full length review - Not as Frightening as a pack of Krackoons, but...

'The Pack' doesn't have the eye candy 'The Breed' has, nor does it have the same star power as 'The Grey,' but it's an enjoyable, slightly tedious wild animal flick.

While it doesn't have the eye candy 'The Breed' has, it's also not nearly as ridiculous, or laughably ignorant either. Unfortunately, it's not going to get the audience that film had, because sex sells - even Taryn Manning. Yuck! The acting (The Pack) is tolerable. The main couple do a fine job, but they lose points for adding the typical, annoying, ignorant teenage daughter, who you hope gets taken out early - but you know she'll be around until the end. Seriously, would the film have been any worse if the married couple had one child? Of course not. Maybe they went for realism? Because, honestly, how many couples are smart enough to stop at one child, right?

'The Pack' isn't on the same level as 'The Grey,' and it doesn't do the horror genre the same justice as 'Cujo,' so I can't see many hardcore horror fans being too impressed. There's only so many ways this film can go, and it ends up dragging on, even at 84 minutes. The dogs even looked bored around the 60 minute mark. But if you need something to watch, and you have to choose between 'Lumberjack Man,' 'The Gallows,' or 'The Pack,' do yourself a favor and choose the latter.

Random Ramblings of a Madman: Wild dogs can be frightening, and these dogs do a fine job, but at the end it's just a pack of wild dogs. Now, if it had been a pack of wild Krackoons - the daughter would have been the first to go.