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A number of 'missing person' cases are reported in Phoenix, Arizona when an unexplained light appears in the sky one night in 1997.

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The Phoenix Incident movie full length review - Same time line saw something amazing on way to work

I've watched the movie because i have always believed there is more than us here or come here etc.

The time line of when this happen and what i saw about this same time and when i saw some of the pics of the flying objects i couldn't believe what i saw they were the exact thing or so darn close it scared me. I went to work working nights one evening i headed down the highway around 11pm heading to the hospital on ft stewart where i worked night shift I had 14 plus military years 3 honerable discharges known many Military personnel and have seen much but what i saw on my way to work was not something that happens as i was driving i saw far off to my left toward the ocean there was a low light in the sky i always look because to verify if a plane by a blinking light there was none just bright lights it was heading west by the time i crossed the highway 80 and headed south toward I -16 this craft had turned and there was several open fields between me and the highway and some small tree lines.All of a sudden this air craft appeared and it was just over the tree line, iam so curious hanging out my window and looking i could see the complete bottom and nothing but lights and the biggest thing that amazed me there was no sound if i could be put to sleep i could give a complete discrption of this craft only wishing i could of got pics by the time i hit the over pass to I-16 it turned and headed back out east toward the ocean and disappeared got to work shooken asking everyone on the military base i knew if there was anything we had that could do this and have no sound ever. The answer was NO and this was at the same year and time all this went down