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Mattias has a dream to become a photography student of the Berlin Arts Academy. On the journey of following his calling, his dream is constantly put to a test after Mattias falls in love with a beautiful free spirit Hanna. Trying to win her heart, Mattias feels the need to prove Hanna, that he can be just as adventurous and unpredictable as she is. Breaking the law together with Hanna, Mattias risks everything dear to him, not knowing yet, that Hanna's bold acts are only the symptoms of bipolar disorder. In the moment of jelousy Mattias accidentally commits a crime that could put him behind bars for years. The only escape he sees is to get himself declared irresponsible. In order to achieve that Mattias decides to start faking the illness her gilfriend really has - bipolarity.

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The Polar Boy movie full length review - The Polar Boy - a truly inspiring movie about love, passion, freedom and living life to the fullest

The Polar Boy is an exceptionally good movie ? it has captivating and original story-line, depth and dark humor, real, intense human emotions and passion.

In a sense it is a boy-meets-a-girl story with a refreshing twist ? the girl is very much out of the ordinary, as she's been diagnosed with a bipolar disorder.

However, this is definitely not a depressing movie, on the contrary, it is vibrant, sexy and quite fast-paced, yet very "real" and truly heartfelt. It tells a story of what it's like to be different ? free-spirited, emotionally unconstrained and sensitive in today's rational and restrained society that measures people by their ability to blend in and act "normal". Everyone who does not fit in is considered a threat and oftentimes locked up in some mental institution, out of sight, so that the masses could continue living their carefully planned out, prudent lives, always playing it safe and always afraid of what others might think if they show their true emotions and let it all out for even just once in their lives. Yet those rare and exceptional individuals, like the girl in this movie, who dare to be themselves and act spontaneously, are a true inspiration to others. Having fallen in love with this crazy, sexy and sensitive girl, the boy in this movie starts to take risks that he would never have dared to take before, leading to some complicated situations, but at the same time making him realize the true insanity of this overly rational and sane society most of us in the Western world live in.

If you have ever felt the same way - that it is sometimes so hard to just blend in and follow the rules, and instead you would wish to live your life to the fullest, enjoying every moment and feeling alive - then you will no doubt enjoy this movie and relate to the main characters as much as I did.