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A student at a private school uses his connections to establish a drug trafficking network.

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The Preppie Connection movie full length review - Unrequited love, empty dreams and white lines blown away !!

Spoiler Alert !!!

Great Movie. The two lead actors, Lucy Fry and Thomas Mann are destined for greatness. The actors are perfectly cast, seeing Alex's good looks fade away like Lindsey Lohan, until she literally disappears, is almost like a bellwether of the movie's trajectory. Ellis's decline from the king of the preppy universe to a beaten down, pathetic loser, is almost Shakespearean. His pathological betrayal of all his friends, his revenge on Toby and Alexis is mirrored in his face. By the end of the movie, his handsome face has turned into a psychotic Cillian Murphy as Dr. Jonathan Crane/Scarecrow in Batman Begins

But Alex is only a cipher, in love with no one, not Ellis, not Toby and not herself. Like the Cocaine itself, an empty vehicle that blows away like dust. The fact that Toby never sees Alex again is a metaphor for the coke itself.

The most sexualized scene is when Alex is on the bus with her boyfriend touching his body but having sex with Toby as she locks her eyes on him. There is a moment she grabs Ellis as if to show Toby she is grabbing him while Ellis is hopelessly clueless about how much Alex is not in love with him.

The only true love in the movie is Toby's father's love towards Toby. The lack of parental love and affection is the biggest force in the movie, which I think causes the suicide death of the girl, the underlying reason for Toby being in a world he does belong in and the source of the money that allows the rampant drug used. By not throwing in a clichéd scene of rich parents partying, the absence of the parents love is driven home by their absence in the movie.

And Toby's mother, who somehow thinks she can reclaim the glory of her German family's past manipulates her son into going to this school where he knows he does not belong And she gets her way by sulking into a dark depression that only Toby can cure by capitulating to his mother's dreams. Another parent who's self obsession leads her child astray.

The ending was great was the ending with the real life, model handsome Toby, as he talks about the five minutes before his bust and the five minutes after the bust, and then instead of showing redemption or reflection on his bad ways, he embraces the entirety of his descent by even saying he misses Ellis.