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Actor Stephen Tobolowsky has acted in over 200 TV shows and films over the past 40 years, possessing one of the most dazzlingly diverse filmographies on the planet. But even more compelling than the stories he's been apart of onscreen are those he tells offscreen. In 'The Primary Instinct,' Stephen plays himself and uses the art of storytelling to take the audience through a riveting and moving journey about life, love, and Hollywood. Along the way, he just may answer one of the questions that's dogged humanity since the beginning of time: Why do we tell stories in the first place?

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The Primary Instinct movie full length review - The power of storytelling

Tobolowsky really has a way with words and with telling a story. Sometimes quite funny, but at times very moving, Tobolowsky and first time director David Chen give us a peak into the character actor's thoughts about why we tell stories and into his own life.

And it is quite something. Reflections on Hollywood, fame, family, getting older, loss and love are interwoven in a seamless fashion. It might no be a film like the ones most people watch on a regular basis. But in this case that's most certainly a credit.

Anyone worrying it might be boring just watching Tobolowsky doing a show, can rest assured: this is a quite a spellbinding film.