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17 yr old Jasmine struggles to come to terms with her fathers death. She and her best friend Skye are left to take care of their younger siblings Zac, Blake and Eva when their mother's Sandy and Katherine decide to go on a girls night out to give Sandy a breather. Jasmine and Skye take the kids to the notoriously haunted Quarantine station to research a school assignment where they find out more about a resident ghost; Jolene Denman, AKA the girl in the pink dress. In an attempt to scare the boys, they pretend to evoke the spirit of the troubled girl but when things start going terribly wrong they begin to realize that their actions have had serious consequences. Jasmine and Jolene have a fateful connection. That night as Jasmine's behavior becomes increasingly concerning, Jasmine's boyfriend Cameron and Skye discover that the kids have gone missing.

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The Quarantine Hauntings movie full length review - Don't waste your money

Supposedly based on a true account, this movie is absolutely appalling, from the opening credits, listing about 50 local NSW Australian companies who sponsored it that go on forever, to the poor acting, lighting, story line, and plot.

One of the sponsors is an acting school, local to where it was shot, which suggests a lot about how bad this movie is.

It's set at the haunted North Head Quarantine Station, and an unnamed suburb close by, close enough for the characters to walk to the Station

I'd compare this to a poor man's answer to The Blair Witch Project - a very poor one too.

There is nothing good about this movie except for walking out at the end. Don't waste your hard earned $$$ on this movie, see something else. You'll be glad you did.