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A young man with Tourette's Syndrome embarks on a road trip with his recently-deceased mother's ashes.

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The Road Within movie full length review - Three misfits take an unlikely road trip to Santa Cruz.

I found this small movie on Netflix streaming, it apparently was released at several film festivals but never was in theaters.

Robert Sheehan is Vincent and we are introduced to him at his mother's funeral. He says some very inappropriate things as the minister is speaking and we soon figure out he has Tourette's. His father, Robert Patrick as Robert, a politician running for office, appears to be at the end of his rope with Vincent and has arranged for him to placed in an institution for misfits.

There he gets paired with Dev Patel as Alex, an OCD clean freak who strongly objects to having a roommate. And he is shown around by Zoë Kravitz as Marie who is rail thin and fighting Anorexia. The institution is run by Kyra Sedgwick as Dr. Mia Rose.

Each of the three misfits need to resolve old issues and they get a chance as they are thrown into an unlikely road trip from the institution in Nevada to the Pacific Coast, where Vincent wants to carry his mother's ashes. He has a photo of her there and she seems the happiest to him.

The road trip of course doesn't go smoothly, starting with their stealing Dr Rose's car but without money or an operating credit card. Their detour takes them through Yosemite National Park and the cinematographer dwelled nicely on scenes with Half Dome and the characters. They eventually work their way to Santa Cruz and in the process are able to learn how to gain some control over their respective issues.

It is ironic for me, just 3 weeks ago I made my first visit to Santa Cruz for a mini-vacation and now I see it again in this movie!

Not a great movie by any measure but very interesting if you like to see misfits trying to cope with ordinary life.