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A chronicle of Marilyn Monroe's family life and how she succeeded in hiding her most intimate secrets from the press and an invasive world.

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The Secret Life of Marilyn Monroe movie full length review - Nothing New Revealed About Marilyn...

Over the years, there have been countless movies about screen icon, Marilyn Monroe, so I was not really all that excited about getting to see this latest one- a Lifetime TV mini-series, that is- until I heard Kelli Garner was starring in the lead.

I've seen her in several things over the years, and remember thinking- long before this movie- that, even though she doesn't really resemble Marilyn, she still has that similar spirit; especially in a little movie I saw her in years ago called "DreamLand".

Now this movie doesn't really give us anything new about Ms. Monroe; in fact, pretty much re-hashes what we all have seen over and over again in the movies released about her in the past few decades. And BTW- I would say my favs. over the years have been "Blonde", which featured Poppy Montgomery in the lead, and the wonderful experimental HBO film, "Normal Jean & Marilyn", which featured Mira Sorvino & Ashley Judd in the dual personas. I saw the last one, "My Week with Marilyn", a few years ago- which was probably the one which featured the highest production values of all of them. It's funny, overall I liked that film better than this new Lifetime film, but I like Kelli Garner better in the role than Michelle Williams. There are shots in this film, especially while she is making "Seven Year Itch", where she was just the spitting image- I had to do a double take!

But I will give this a marginal recommendation- only for Garner's performance. Jeffrey Dean Morgan (as Joe DiMaggio), Emily Watts, Jack Noseworthy, and Oscar winner Susan Sarandon (as Marilyn/Norma Jean's mother) co-star.