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Desperate to save his fiancée from a demon that has possessed her soul, a man turns to his longtime priest for help.

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The Secrets of Emily Blair movie full length review - Terrible Movie—I Kept Falling Asleep

I am not ever sure why I gave this movie a shot?so many exorcism movies are just retreads of other, better movies. Perhaps it was the length (only about 90 minutes).

Perhaps it was a few of the stars, like Colm Meaney, Adrain Paul and Tom Wright?all so very good. Whatever the reason it was a huge waste of time.

I try not to write bad reviews, but this film really was terrible. I kept falling asleep. It was full of action, lots and lots of the possessed star?Ellen Hollman as Emily Blair?acting like a demon and starling and hissing, and lots of gore too. But it was just silly, and despite all the stuff that was going on, I was bored to tears. Even the actors I mentioned above were sub-par, which is sad, because they are such good actors. Maybe it was the directing by Joseph P. Genier? Or was it simply that the script was so bad that no one, not director or stars, could do anything with it? So blasé. So stereotypical. So sensationalistic. Right down to the part where Meaney, as the priest, tells Emily Blair's husband that the church just doesn't do exorcisms anymore.

I wonder how they got Larry Drake?the John Doe of the film in a very small part?to be in this? To do his first film in years? He was actually kind of scary, but he is in and out of the film way too fast for our own good.

Please don't waste your time on this movie. Because it really is a waste of time. How sad.