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When a teenage girl says she's the victim of a secret network called The Sisterhood of Night, a quiet suburban town becomes the backdrop for a modern-day Salem witch trial.

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The Sisterhood of Night movie full length review - Unbelievable and Overdramatic!

I actually created an account just so I could write a review for this movie, seeing as no one with good taste seemed to have left a review for it.

First of all, the only good thing about this movie was the cinematography, which was stunning, and I suppose the editing was pretty well done, too. But within the realm of the story, it made absolutely no sense. It was super artsy and over-dramatic. A movie like this should either have been done with much more sophisticated actors (AKA, not ones that look barely a day over 14), or have been a dark comedy. I really could not take the characters seriously, especially Mary. I mean, here's this girl with a super round baby face that played one of my childhood heroes in The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe. It was the most uncomfortable thing ever. BAD casting choice! She was way too awkward and not charming in that role. And watching her lose her virginity made me throw my hands up in disgust. Although, I was pretty pleased with the casting of Kara Hayward for Emily. She has the right amount of awkward and spunky to play the character. Although, her character was taken WAY too seriously (along with everything else in the movie), and at the end it was really not believable that she would have led a girl into such a horrific prank. And Levinia's suicide that night didn't make much sense to me, either. It just wasn't very believable. Aside from awkwardly casting children to play characters that were far too grown up for them, the girls in this movie weren't necessarily bad actors. The problem was just that the script for this movie is a massive piece of sh*t. Nothing's believable, it's one big cliché after another, it's either not enough or too much, it doesn't really have any sense of direction... It's just bad. By the end I had no idea what was even going on, when things were supposed to be taking place, and by the time we got to the big random dance number I had seriously lost all hope that this movie could possibly be taken seriously. I'd say the only thing I took away from this movie was that it had a good moral value behind it. But the way it was executed sorely ruined it and by the time the credits rolled up I exclaimed "well that was f***ing lame", and turned it off. I give this movie a 5/10 for it's gorgeous cinematography and the editor's ability to piece together the resemblance of a good story. The rest was garbage.