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A supernatural thriller, laced by flashbacks, and set in Canada’s North-West, “The Stranger” turns on the mysterious titular figure of Martin, who comes to a small quiet town seeking to kill his wife Ana who suffers from a very dangerous decease that makes her addicted to human blood - just like himself-. However, when he arrives to the town, he discovers that Ana has been dead for a couple of years and decides to commit suicide to definitely eradicate this dangerous decease, but, before he can do it, Martin's brutally attacked by three local thugs led by Caleb, the son of a corrupt police lieutenant, and the incident suddenly starts a snowball that will plunge the community into a bloodbath.

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The Stranger movie full length review - The Stranger is an interesting but flawed horror film by director Guillermo Amoedo.

The log-line for the movie is very simple, a mysterious man shows up at a home in a small Canadian town. Thing promptly go sideways for not only the Stranger but also for just about everyone he encounters, plunging the town into a bloodbath.

The trailer for the movie gave me the impression it was some sort of early outbreak style horror film. The type of movie that tells how patient zero started the end of the world. It certainly could have gone in the direction I suppose but the film turns out to be much smaller in scope than expected, taking a different approach to an old horror trope. Who the Stranger searching for and why he needs to find them are clues that filmmaker Amoedo provides sparingly. The back story is filled in through flashbacks designed to provide the audience with motivation for the Stranger's actions.

The film is engaging to a degree but it's got serious flaws. The mystery is enough to keep you in it to the end and the gore and violence are well handled, if not brutal. The acting is extremely uneven but isn't bad enough to drag the movie down. Where the movie falls short for me is in how Amoedo handles the characters. There isn't really a likable character in the entire film. The old rule of storytelling is give the reader/viewer/listener one character they can root for. Amoedo gives us that?sort of. To start, everyone is damaged. All are worn out or on drugs or lost. The hero(es) are just terrible at standing up for themselves. None of them make good decisions. They're all inconsistent, or weak or just give into terrible situations without pushing back, taking a stand or trying to get help from someone outside of town. This becomes frustrating quickly because the villains are evil? and when I say evil I mean really evil.

They kill, maim, beat, torture, cover-up, intimidate, circumvent, and subdue anyone or anything that appear as a threat to them. They do all this without any compunction or real fear of being detected. The impunity with which the antagonists operate comes across as a bit implausible given the setting of the movie. Corrupt police are easier to swallow in bigger cities, but in a small (nice looking) Canadian town it's harder to accept based on the scope of the nefarious activities our antagonists are engaging in. This has a significant impact on the film's climax. When the final act begins the terrible transition that should push our Big Bad to another level of menace falls flat because we've already seen him be so damned evil it doesn't matter he's now an evil monster.

The Stranger falls squarely in the middle of the spectrum. It's worth seeing once and I enjoyed the unique approach to an old idea, but the execution was sloppy, leaving me less than thrilled when the movie finally came to it's conclusion.

Perhaps my review would best be summed up with one word? Meh.