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When Spencer Koll, a United States Marine, returns home from a horrific wartime experience, his mundane reality leads him to gravitate towards a new and mysterious woman on her own determined journey. Together, they enter into a magical but destructive new relationship which ultimately exposes their essential truths.

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The Submarine Kid movie full length review - Okay if you have some spare time on your hands

This is a so-so movie despite what the other reviewers before me would have you believe. It deals with the sensitive topic of PTSD for returned veterans in a unique way and the twist IS quite entertaining although the movie lacks strength and depth perhaps as a result of the cast and budget.

I did make it through the entire film so it did keep me entertained although its length did tend to make it drag on a little where some tighter editing could have helped.

Forget Hollywood special effects and high end CGI but what you will get is a simple homespun style of storytelling.

Rainy Sunday afternoon with your partner next to you on the couch/sofa it's a yes, otherwise there's better movies out there for you to enjoy.