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A man fights for his sanity when he finds himself trapped on a rural farm inhabited by sinister beings overseen by a mysterious caretaker.

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The Suffering movie full length review - Intriguing premise but a disappointing resolution

This movie starts off as a promising supernatural - my favorite kind of horror. It has the right atmosphere, suspense and mystery to keep one hooked for the first half - even the first three quarters of the film.

The mind wanders over possible explanation for the phenomenon - a haunting by the property-owner's parents, a psycho hunting and capturing fugitives, a disease or possession - and all of these in retrospect seem more appealing than the actual conclusion.

Let's just say, personally, I am not one for reaffirming barbaric religious punishments in film in this day and age and this movie was a poor attempt at convincing me otherwise. The cliché of the betrayed wife maddened by jealousy was poorly played, the property- owner who is all for 'civilized conversations' in the beginning is talking our protagonist into walking through fire for his sins by the end, and to top it all off we're reminded that a child had his eyes gouged out for the sin of 'envy'.

I don't know what Mr. Hamilton wished to achieve with this film but it did not thrill, excite, or (thankfully) scare in its entirety. A tragic waste of a perfectly good setting.