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In a time of starvation, a survivalist lives off a small plot of land hidden deep in forest. When two women seeking food and shelter discover his farm, he finds his existence threatened.

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The Survivalist movie full length review - SPOILER ALERT - Save 103 minutes of your life

SPOILER ALERT (not really an alert as there is nothing to "spoil", but hey...)

This film can be most positively described as torpid, cinematic drivel. There is no plot (none worth noting) and no real acting, but there are many well filmed shot of the woods, so it gets two stars for cinematography. The costuming and scene sets are laughable. I want Fingleton's brand of laundry detergent, such white pillowcases... lovely.

The main character is an uninteresting, incompetent bungler who has been lucky enough to last seven years alone in a post-apocalyptic woods without being killed. He isn't a "survivalist" at all and has no defensive skills, rather he blunders about without much of a plan tending to a child's garden which could never support him (designed by people who don't know what a subsistence garden looks like), regularly leaves himself completely undefended (2 shells are nothing), never attempts to find or construct new weaponry or build any sort of defences apart from cans on a string (7 years and he can't make a single spear or trap). He's only alive because he hides.

There's hardly any dialogue, which is probably a mercy as there is no real plot; it's all about maudy looks and Fingleton has just one expression, the face of a frightened weasel. (Credit where due, Goth has mentally challenged and bored down pat, what range.) No one is attractive, but they all have good bodies. Perhaps that is realistic in an apocalyptic world, but it's so a la mode to "fix" actors with unattractive faces by sending them to the gym, that it grates. I realise that apparently faces are irrelevant these days because audiences find any actor with a well muscled bodies attractive, but they should be able to actually act; of course without lines or a plot, what can one do? When the other "bad guys" finally catch the "survived for a bit by hidingist" for dinner it's a great relief; at least he finally has a purpose. Its a pity they missed Goth and the script writer...