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Budapest International Chess Tournament. The most likely winner: Cal Fournier (22), French champion, immature genius, socially awkward, compulsive player. But this time, an unusual 9-years-old Hungarian opponent disrupts this smooth-running routine.

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The Tournament movie full length review - Look out for this writer/director for years to come.

Briefly, It's FANTASTIC. This year's Blue is the Warmest Color...because it's so brilliantly shot. and directed. The performances are organic and riveting. The musical choices are breathtaking.

Not a dull, uninteresting or dishonest moment. Whether you play Chess or not, this film will mesmerize and dazzle you with intelligence and the exuberance of youth and genius. The location filming in Budapest gives it the feel of a time gone by, while simultaneously putting us in the hopeful present. Notice the one unintentional nod to "The Hustler". George C. Scott and Paul Newman would be proud. Look out for this writer/director for years to come.