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The Ultimate Legacy movie full length review - Another Hallmark Gift

If you are into big budget action movies or serious drama and you don't like lighthearted fare then this might not be the movie for you. A Hallmark production directed by Joanne Hock. Decent visual quality with a limited budget. A movie with a message about values and personal responsibility.

The third movie in a series. Ultimate Gift and Ultimate Life were the first two. Logan Bartholomew reprising his role as Jason Stevens, from the second movie, and he has taken on the task of preparing Joey Anderson, played by Myko Olivier, for receiving his gift which has been passed on by his deceased grandmother, Miss Sally Mae Anderson, played by Raquel Welch.

Raquel Welch's performances in the movie are short but they are critical to the message of the movie. I enjoyed watching the performances of Myko Olivier and Logan Bartholomew.

Kelly is played by Katie McClellan who becomes a love interest for Joey. The movie also salutes the service of our veterans especially wounded veterans. I was surprised a few times when songs were playing and the dialogue could not be heard when people were obviously speaking. Guessing the director felt that the audience could discern what was going on and the dialogue was not needed in those scenes.

A good family movie and worth watching.