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From its start as an unassuming family comedy in 1987 to its eventual wildly popular 192-episode run, the film centers on the rise of the cast of one of America's most beloved family sitcoms and the pressures they faced in balancing their television personas with their real lives.

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The Unauthorized Full House Story movie full length review - Horrible Movie Yes But Still A Lot Of Fun......

I haven't seen one of these "unauthorized" TV movie of the weeks about a TV show in quite some time, so got around to watching this new made-for- Lifetime TV the other day, and it's a hoot!

I remember watching "Full House" when it was on ABC from early 1988 as a mid season replacement to the Spring of '95 when it was finally cancelled. I never watched faithfully, and quite honestly the show annoyed the hell out of me, but I think there were some others in my family who watched, and I just happened to be in the room. If you watch this movie, the show seemed to annoy some of the cast members as well, especially Bob Saget, who's humor seemed to be more down the road of dark/adult persuasion. LOL. But even though I hated the original show, I was actually quite amused by this movie- laughing more at it than with it I'd say..?? But yes, it is pretty bad, but I think you'll still have fun, especially with it bringing back some memories from a time...you probably never wish to visit again...LMAO