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A mentally unhinged factory worker must decide whether to listen to his talking cat and become a killer, or follow his dog's advice to keep striving for normalcy.

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The Voices movie full length review - Nice balance between comedy and horror

Jerry works at the packing and shipping division at a company. One day he meets the girl from accounting, Fiona, who he immediately likes.

He goes home and shares his thoughts?with his pets, Bosco the dog and Mr. Whiskers the cat. Apparently Jerry has a mental condition. Fiona asks Jerry to come by at the accounting office where he meets Lisa and Allison. One day Jerry asks Fiona on a date at a restaurant. Fiona softly avoids his request by messaging his phone. She instead goes for karaoke with Lisa and Allison. But on her way home Fiona finds her car is broken and accidentally runs into Jerry. He takes her home, but on the road a deer randomly crosses the road and crashes into Jerry's car. His condition kicks in, making Jerry kill the deer. Fiona runs in fear and Jerry catches her and accidentally kills her. At his pets' suggestion, Jerry returns the next day and chops down Fiona's body to little pieces.

He stores Fiona's head in the fridge. Soon Fiona's head also speaks to him, demanding Jerry to kill again to give her a friend in the fridge. Jerry gets close to Lisa until they spend a night at Lisa's place. As a surprise visit, Lisa comes to Jerry's place but then she finds out the remains of Jerry's late night activity with Fiona's body. So Jerry kills her too. Allison gets the rumors about Jerry's horrific childhood past. When she goes to his place, Jerry also kills her. Allison's colleagues get more suspicious about Jerry and they also go to Jerry's place. They call the police on him. Jerry has kidnapped his own psychiatrist. When the police storms into his house and accidentally sets the place on fire, Jerry manages to sneak into the basement and evaded capture. But then he makes his choice to not to obey the voices inside his head, in the form of the voices of his pets especially Mr. Whiskers, to escape and kill again.

The story nicely balances the weight between the comedy and the horror elements. It starts out modest enough as another small town factory worker tale but then it kind of slams the main issue just as the main character goes home and speaks with his pets. Though it doesn't have any significant twist or turn, making the story quite predictable, but it kind of finishes the movie well enough by having the lead character to take the right choice.

The source of the humor is mainly focused on the voices inside Jerry's head. The thing with Mr. Whiskers who speaks as the Scottish gangster type versus Bosco who speaks as the retarded but pure and honest Southerner makes the dialog between Jerry and them very funny. Mr. Whiskers' swearing and Bosco's act of swallowing all the verbal abuses is quite literally the only thing that makes this movie humorous.

The horror side feels like the other side of the coin in this movie. It feels lingering even when the movie is being comedic. This is especially true after Jerry suddenly pulls out a knife at the deer's request. When Jerry keeps Fiona's head and starts chatting with it, things change into the more laid back horror mood where things would go comedic at the same time as Jerry gets his hands dirty. Having Jerry flashes back to his childhood when his mental problems began doesn't seem to be necessary in my opinion.

The acting overall is actually good. Ryan Reynolds is indeed commendable for his three parts in this movie; as Jerry himself, and as the voice actors for Jerry's pets Mr. Whiskers and Bosco. He did very well in depicting the three different characters and coming up with the different voices that at first I didn't notice that it was him at those animal voices. Gemma Arterton played just enough to add the hottie catch angle to the story. On the other hand, with more than three movie released in 2014 Anna Kendrick seems to be very busy. Yet while performance is not special, she managed to keep them quite consistent in quality over those movies.

My opinion for The Voices (2014) is that it deserves a 6 out of 10 score. A recommendation is just a so-so from me. It is a nice play of balance between comedy and horror, and can be quite an entertainment, but I don't think it will worthy the money for cinema tickets.