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THE WALKING DECEASED is the Scary Movie of the zombie genre, ripping on the biggest and best of zombie pop-culture, arguably the most crazed genre in the world. The story follows a group of survivors from all walks of the apocalypse – an idiotic Sheriff with definite coma-induced brain damage, his hardass son and a hobo with only a crossbow to stave off the walking dead, four squabbling friends forced to survive this zombieland together, and a lonely zombie who just needs love to fully regain his warm body – who leave their once-safe mall hideout in search of the rumored Safe Haven Ranch, a refuge untouched by the zombie virus that has ravaged humanity. But despite the comforting name, they discover that this sanctuary may not be as welcoming as advertised.

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The Walking Deceased movie full length review - Low Budget Spoof

I saw "The Walking Deceased", starring Dave Sheridan-Horrible Bosses, The Devil's Rejects; Tim Ogletree-this is his second movie, the first being Supernatural Activity; Joey O

glesby-Fruitvale Station, Supernatural Activity; Troy Ogletree-this is his second movie, the first being Supernatural Activity and Sophia Taylor Ali-Missionary Man, Barney & Friends_tv.

In case you could not tell from the title, this is a parody movie of zombie movies and TV shows-including The Walking Dead, Warm Bodies and Zombieland, just to name the main targets. It's written by one of the stars, Tim Ogletree and filmed in San Antonio, Texas with a modest budget-a little over $1 million. Dave plays a sheriff that wakes up from a coma in a hospital to find the world has been infected by a zombie virus. He goes looking for his family and comes across other survivors, including Tim, Joey, Troy and Sophia. They hold up in a mall for a while and then, when the zombies get too thick, they go on the road and end up at a farm. Most of the jokes are really just dumb, although every once in a while, they do come across with something mildly funny, the majority are just dumb. There is a running joke about the sheriff Dave calling his son Karl-he keeps reminding him that his name is Chris. As the end credits start, there are some bloopers and out takes-if you are interested. It's rated "R" for violence, language, drug use and sexual content- including nudity-and has a running time of 1 hour & 28 minutes. It's not one that I would buy on DVD. If you are interested in seeing it, I would wait until it comes to cable TV.