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Based on true events, The Wannabe, a story about Thomas, a man obsessed with Mafia culture during the 1990s in New York City. When Thomas’s failed attempts to fix the trial of infamous mobster John Gotti gets him rejected by the people he idolizes most, he sets off on a drug infused crime spree with his girlfriend and longtime mob groupie, Rose, by brazenly robbing the local Mafia hangouts.

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The Wannabe movie full length review - A chilling look at the madness of organized crime

This is based on a true story. One might wonder how it ever found its way into a movie script, but we are lucky it did. It is a very scary story.

It reminds me in many ways of Taxi Driver, about a man driven by obsession into violence. It is the same sort of setting. But the character is not repulsed by crime, he is obsessed with it and the glamor it represents in his deluded mind.

He finds a woman to share and advance his fantasies. His closeness to the environment of real organized crime, including being a failed gangster himself speeds his descent into criminality. Unlike Travis in Taxi Driver whose source of mental instability is never really explained, drugs play a major role in the behavior of the Wannabe.

Is all of organized crime fueled by the same delusions? Not in this movie, the Wannabe is a pest to organized crime, to be stomped out. Nobody is impressed by his quest for recognition and reputation.