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A teenager is magically transported to China and learns to convert his video game skills into those of a Kung Fu warrior.

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The Warrior's Gate movie full length review - how many times can China be saved by the same group that waged the Opium Wars?

How many times can China be saved by the same group that waged the Opium Wars? This movie like every film involving white people in Asia is historically laughable and romanticizes Western imperialism.

As a White man, the appeal was easily understandable for us. We whitewash all our crimes, play savior, get the girl, and insult Asians while we're at it. In fact, it made so much sense that we Whites have been using this formula for centuries - starting with Orientalist "literature" to justify our crimes all across Asia.

What baffles me is why Asians do this to themselves. What is their logic? Why are they making their enemies look like god's gift to women (Chinese women) and their men, a bunch of hapless idiots? Is it masochism? IS it social retardation? Do these people not understand they are promoting the SAME racist anti-Asian themes that we've been doing for centuries? How can they not understand this? These films are stupid, so bad, so infuriating, that even WHITE PEOPLE hate them now. How dense can these Chinese be? The film is just retarded. Some White teen boy saves China with his video game skills and gets the Chinese girl. The end.

China, if you're listening, you have been infiltrated by either self-hating/White worshiping idiots (Zhang Yimou of Flowers of War fame), traitors who got bribed, or White executives who are feeding you lies about how these types of films are "progressive". They are anything but.

See the examples for yourselves at "kulturemedia" and "zakkeith anti-Asian Hollywood". I follow them since I'm a media critic.

Asians should go to "reddit AznIdentity" to understand what is really happening behind the fake facade of "post-racial love"