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One-off drama starring Stephen Graham as a CCTV operator who intervenes in a dangerous world that he's supposed to just be watching, when the police fail to tackle a group of drug dealers

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The Watchman movie full length review - Definitely an unnerving watch

Carl is a CCTV night watchman, upset with his family life, he becomes frustrated and angered by the crimes he sees, feeling hopeless and annoyed by the lack of help from the P

olice, he decides to take matters into his own hands, and together with the help of his friend Lee, a Taxi Driver, he intercedes with a gang crime he's witnessed.

There were parts of this that were genuinely unnerving, you watched without taking a breath, some elements that were brilliantly done. Unfortunately it felt was a bit messy, a little rushed, had this had a longer run, maybe some of the problems would have gone.

There is the basis here for something brilliant, I have no doubt this will be picked up and made into a Horror movie. I toyed between a 6 and a 7, the ending lets it down enormously, but I think there was enough content for the higher mark, and the performance of Stephen Graham was excellent.

A definite merit, don't be shocked if this is turned into a horror movie soon. 7/10