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When former college sweethearts Olivia Parsons and Mick Turner are unexpectedly reunited the weekend of Olivia's wedding, the former couple initially locks horns but as the events of the weekend unfold, Olivia and Mick find old feelings rising to the surface. Will the bride-to-be walk down the aisle as planned or will she decide to give her first love a second chance?

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The Wedding March movie full length review - Off the (Hall)mark.

Whoever cast this film and the person who gave it the green light should both be fired. The obvious problem is that Jack Wagner is 56 and Josie Bissett is 45 years old.

This is typical in Hollywood to use much a younger woman with an older man. It does not work in The Wedding March. They were the same or near the same age in the beginning of the film. They look 10 years apart in age when they are older. As for the story line it is the same as every other Hallmark film, especially at this time of the year, wedding season. Boy leaves girl, she is heartbroken, she is marrying someone else years later and they meet again. It is a will they get back together film. We all know the answer to that question. Hallmark is should be ashamed. I could not stop focusing on the age difference.