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Suspecting that people around him are turning into evil creatures, a troubled man questions whether to protect his only friend from an impending war, or from himself.

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They Look Like People movie full length review - An entertaining film that keep me interested

There are many low budget films that simply come off as vanity projects for those involved.

Then there are low budget movies that are obvious labors of love, and that make every effort to work with their small budget to achieve something fresh, new and unique. This is definitely one of those films. The premise is simple, if a bit clichéd; A man with low self-esteem helps a friend (who is very sure of himself) during a time of need. The thing is, this friend believes that people are being replaced by monsters, and that a secret war is raging that no one but him is aware of.

The film does a great job in balancing the more outlandish elements of the premise with some very real and entertaining interaction between the two male leads. These men are great at what they do, and their chemistry is wholly evident in the ease in which scenes transition from lighthearted play to tension-filled dread. These two obviously got along during the production of this film, and it clearly shows in the final product (The one aspect in which many of these types of movies fail is not having a chemistry between their actors).

The special effects are sparse but work within the context of the film, and the direction might be simple, but again, I believe the film benefits from it. There are no fancy techniques, no crazy camera work to be found; this is a director working with a very select few talented people, and focusing on their interactions and reactions to the events in the film.

That being said, I am most impressed by the comedic elements, as they not only added a sense of levity to an otherwise somber film, but the actors were so convincing, you could not help by smile at their antics (Sock Wars brought a healthy dose of nostalgia). In the end, the film does what many others do not; it removes ambiguity, and allows the viewer to better understand the message behind the movie without the dreaded, "What was the point of all that?" that plagues many film endings.

Overall, this film is not going to win anyone over, as it does not do anything particularly well enough to garner the "art-house psychological horror" sub-genre any more fans, but to those of us that enjoy these types of movies, it is a welcomed addition. A solid effort all around, and the casting agent should be commended for choosing such a talented and charismatic ensemble.