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Suspecting that people around him are turning into evil creatures, a troubled man questions whether to protect his only friend from an impending war, or from himself.

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They Look Like People movie full length review - Not worth your time

This film was so bad on both a technical and storytelling level that I felt compelled to create an IMDb account to review it. I am usually not someone who feels so inclined to express their thoughts for everyone to see, but I think everyone needs to know what they are getting in to.

I'll start on the positives. I honestly don't understand where all the raving reviews came from, but I will admit that the acting in the film isn't the worst I've ever seen. These actors are not Birdemic level bad, but they aren't more than a few notches higher. The comedic moments in this film are the only saving grace and that's why I rated it a 2 out of 10. I laughed a few times. The problem is that the enjoyable moments are way too far apart and they are only brief moments.

Every other aspect of this film is horrible. I'm talking god awful to the point where I wanted to stop watching within the first 10 minutes. The movie feels like it goes on for an eternity even though it is only 80 minutes. The pacing is so bad that it was hard to stay awake while watching it. The script is nonsense. I know that it's supposed to be a metaphor for mental illness and you're supposed to wonder if the events are really happening or if they are in his head. The problem is that there are no interesting moments exploring this concept, and the whole film seems like a waste. It's not clever at all.

You can absolutely tell this is a seriously low budget film. They didn't try to make this film look or sound good at all. I know how to light a scene, and almost every scene in this film looks like an amateur who hasn't learned proper lighting. The camera angles are weak and add no motivation or subtext to any of the scenes. The audio is awful throughout the entire film. You can hear the exact points where they fade out audio clips. The obviously just threw on exponential fade effects on everything and hoped it would sound okay. There are many times outside where they ADR audio and it is very out of place. I don't even think they had room tone for half of the scenes. The editing is GARBAGE. Who ever edited this film doesn't understand anything about editing or creating smooth transitions from scene to scene. It was always jarring in the worst ways and audio was badly cut between transitions.

I hate when people give films like this a pass because they're "low budget". The fact is that you don't need a high budget to fix any of the problems this film had. If the script was better and they had more competent people working with the same equipment this movie could have been decent. They didn't even spend any money on special effects. Literally every "scary moment" is just created through suspenseful and creepy audio noises (which weren't really good). Knowing that this production is considered an actual film that was won awards and is available to stream on Netflix is just frustrating and pathetic. Sorry I had to be so mean about it, but it's the truth.