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An American TV crew gets trapped in a centuries-old web of revenge, horror, and blood, when their home improvement show is attacked by angry Eastern European villagers out to kill the show's star.

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They're Watching movie full length review - I can't love it, nor hate it

They're Watching actually has pretty much material to be a standard found footage film.

A workable idea about witches and legends around a small town, local freaks, Americans with lot of swearing, and idea about witches actually pretty lame, but due its lameness, I thought fewer finally did a movie about that. Which makes the idea may developed freshly.

All of swearing jokes and dull character development, surprisingly, are lovable and enjoyable to watch. Although I keep thinking, why are these adults really don't know about handling manners with local stuffs? Anyway, after the dull segments (which eats like 3/4 of duration), the climax set when their van is broken, seemingly interesting. I like the easy twist (nah, it is not that hard to guess the secret) and how they keep it as suspenseful as possible. But, everything start to be a mess when a sudden thingy Ghostbuster-esque fx coming. I almost want to stop the movie right now.

I know it is comedy horror, but knowing that 90's ghost fx reappear in found footage film seems really nonsense. Either it is a part of comedy spices, or seriously intended, it is just not fit into the movie. But, the deaths and few low-budgeted-CGI-gore are interesting enough to see. When bodies starts to flying with power of CGI, and when a priest starts to burned with CGI fire, it seems my taste to care about the end already finished.

At the end, I conclude that probably IT IS because of we never really had (or I never watched) any crappy-CGI in found-footage, because of found footage limited its range by kind of low budget and realistic moments. The different nature of CGI in this film, maybe like what a exploitation-genre in 80s resurrect today with found footage. I like most of story and like how they not trying to make the movie too real smart or too real dumb. I like how the awkward shots with the CGI was given. This movie can get few instant likes.

But consider how unrealistic the CGI shots in found footage, I cannot say that I would recommend the movie to my pals. It is just too awkward to watch this.