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Based on Naomi Klein's book This Changes Everything: Capitalism vs. the Climate, a look at how people in various communities around the world play a role in the ongoing climate change debate and how they're affecting change in trying to prevent the environmental destruction of our planet.

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This Changes Everything movie full length review - Hope and change

My bias first. No question that humans are having a devastating effect on the environment, not just emitting way too much CO2.

As a long time activist I am familiar with Naomi Klein's work, particularly her excellent "Shock Doctrine - the rise of Disaster Capitalism". I have not read her latest book which is the subject of this movie. The movie - despite some fairly inspiring stories - I found lengthy, repetitive, and missing a couple key points.

The movie essentially proposes that local community action and control is the key to avoiding the escalating impact of climate change. While in theory this might be true, at least two of the examples cited don't bear this out. One is the case of Greece, in which mostly peaceful local opposition to the destruction of basically their entire way of life has been crushed by the EU and the IMF. As of Nov 2015 riots have not improved the situation.

The second is the case of India, the 2nd most populous country on the planet and accelerating to 1st sometime around 2025. The issue here is that no matter how you plan to provide electricity to the vast majority of the population who don't have it, that plan will still have severe impacts on the environment as the ecological footprint of each person is magnified by huge population numbers.

Forecast human population growth to 9.2 billion with increasing ecological footprint (including CO2 emissions) is pretty much guaranteed to tip the planet further into devastating ecological overshoot which is already happening and probably beyond control given the ingrained profit driven nature of capitalism (another key topic not really covered in the movie), corporate control, and sheer public apathy.