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Academy Award® winning director Charles Ferguson's new film investigates global climate change villains and heroes, and reveals practical solutions to act on.

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Time to Choose movie full length review - Please, please, please Spare Me

More leftist drivel.... Take out your Brain - Wash it - reinsert into Cranium.

Oscar Isaac did a fine job narrating the film, but it is completely one sided - it does not present evidence (or lack thereof) that in fact - the climate always changes, has always changed, and will continue to do so... last time the Earth spontaneously warmed up from the last Ice Age, I'm pretty sure the Industrial Evolution had not yet occurred, and predated Humans' ability to potentially affect the environment. Suspect Al Gore helped fund this Movie. Would like to have seen an evenly balanced presentation of the facts - to include a discussion of scientifically proved phenomena that affects global climate change over many millenniums to include cyclical variations in Earth's axial tilt, orbital eccentricity, Precession of solstices and equinoxes, and External/Celestial forces.