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A young man chases his dream of becoming a pro cyclist and is met with challenges.

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To the Fore movie full length review - Impressive and Aggressive!

I watched this movie till the midnight, but I don't felt sleepy, what's more, it keeps me feeling energetic till such a late time. I think this movie is very very impressive!

Movies of Dante Lam's are always making people earn a bombing heart rate! The movie 'Unbeatable' is a movie like 'To the fore'. In this one, there spreads different scene, but the main topic is always the same. In 'To the fore', the aggressive cyclists and their undeniable contributions to the team are logically acceptable. In the race, there can be such a man pushing others and doing harm, it is not fair, and it is also not easy to erase this phenomenon. Lam used his specific way to express his point of view.

'NEVER SAY NEVER', this title is shown on the screen for dozens of times, when someone lost, lost his heart, missed his championship, won the goal, this title is always showing on the screen. As far as I am concerned, the movie itself cannot earn a full-score rating, but as a man loving cycling, this movie really making me feel confident and powerful! I think the love story is useless at first, but I found I was wrong when Qiu Ming (Peng) donated his most important part (as a cyclist) to his lover Shiyao (Wang Luodan).