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The story follows 19-year-old Renee who has always loved fairy tales: the idea of a princess, a hero and a happily ever after. But Renee’s life is that of a darker tale: she’s a young woman battling addiction, depression and self-injury. In a creative blend of artistic fantasy balanced with harsh reality, the movie follows Renee on her courageous journey towards recovery.

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To Write Love on Her Arms movie full length review - Oscar-worthy

All her life, Renee Yohe was a dreamer. Until life took away her dreams. Caught up in the mid-Florida drug world, she reconnects with her friends whom she left two years ago, asking for help to overcome her struggles.

What she doesn't know is that her story would provide hope for people like her around the world.

This film is a perfect depiction of what really goes down, and how rehab really goes. Throughout her entire career, Kat Dennings (Renee) has always played sarcastic, hilarious characters. And one of the truly serious roles in her career, she nails. I'm surprised she wasn't given at least a nod from the Academy for Best Actress.

Everybody's performances to couple with hers give the whole movie a sense of solid tangibility, as a BOATS (Based On A True Story) feature should. To think that one woman, whose story we've heard a million times, would inspire a non-profit organization that shares the same name as the movie, motivating depressed, addicted, and even suicidal young adults to never give up, because Renee didn't.

This movie should have won awards across the board, but even though it didn't, it shows that anything is possible when you ask for help. A definite must-see