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1980: 19 year old Robert, fed up with Hippy phoniness and bourgeoise narrow mindedness alike, flees the German provinces for West Berlin. A tour de force through the glorious dirt of West Berlin ensues. Full of sex, drugs, love and PUNK.

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Tod den Hippies!! Es lebe der Punk! movie full length review - Punk or die

This movie is all over the place with different characters crossing the way of our lead character (whom you might confuse at first with his best friend).

Since it's "punk" there is no holding back on certain things (especially depicting sexuality or a knack on fighting power or anything that might be holding you down).

While that mess might be on purpose (I can't tell for sure), it's up to the viewer to decide if it's something worth watching. Spending your time with a character who's out looking for ... well what exactly is he looking for? Love for one thing, even though he might not know it himself and "growing up". Though the latter is more cutting ties - as if the parents are the ones holding you down ... is that what Punk is about?