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Two groups of classic cartoon characters come together in this fun-filled crossover with the popular action-adventure animated series Jonny Quest. Fans of all ages won't want to miss this heart-stopping adventure as tussling twosome Tom and Jerry join Jonny Quest and his pal Hadji and embark on a dangerous spy mission in order to save the world. It's just another day at the beach for the dueling Tom and Jerry ... until they bump into world-class junior spies Jonny Quest and Hadji and their canine companion, Bandit. When longtime Quest family nemesis Dr. Zin discovers that Jonny's father, Dr. Benton Quest, possesses a device that could solve the world's energy problems, Zin sends his evil cat army to steal it and capture Benton and his bodyguard, Race Bannon. That's when Jonny and his new furry friends spring into action! Get set for intrigue, thrills and suspense for the whole family. Tia Carrere and Tim Matheson lend their voices.

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Tom and Jerry: Spy Quest movie full length review - Jezabel Jade in movie is not kid appropriate

This may or may not be considered a spoiler but was very offended when my 4 yr old daughter is watching a woman by the name of Jezabel Jade who happens to be a mercenary/belly dancer.

..ie stripper ... they might as well have had their woman on stage with a thong due to the insinuation of what the scene portrayed. Jezabel mentioned she'd had something "at one time" with some man and apparently one time was enough?? Lol really? Sorry, I like the actors in this and am actually very disappointed they'd be OK with this material. It was a horrible scene for a mother to see on a cartoon for her kids. Tom and Jerry is supposed to be a show, no matter what, you'd think would be safe to be able to leave the room, good thing her dad had caught it too. And think that a lot more parents would agree.