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Bound by a shared destiny, a bright, optimistic teen bursting with scientific curiosity and a former boy-genius inventor jaded by disillusionment embark on a danger-filled mission to unearth the secrets of an enigmatic place somewhere in time and space that exists in their collective memory as "Tomorrowland."

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Tomorrowland movie full length review - Tomorrowland Is About Hope

"Casey Newton: There are two wolves and they are always fighting. One is darkness and despair. The other is light and hope. Which wolf wins?"

"Eddie Newton: Whichever one you feed."

Basically, that's what the whole movie is - a CPR for the good wolf (the enthusiastic part) in your soul... IF it is still alive.

Visually stunning, dimension-spanning, thrilling and unpredictable sci-fi adventure, Tomorrowland is a tale about a brilliant teenager, a disgruntled scientist and a robot who looks like eleven year old girl trying to save the world from self-destruction it is eagerly heading for---

HOWEVER, WHAT MAKES IT SO MUCH FUN TO WATCH is that the message of the movie is more than just a simplistic "be cheerful" or "protect the environment". It is rather that on every level - for me, for you, for the entire planet - wallowing in hopelessness and gloom never works out, and though winning may be tough, the only way to stop being a total loser to your problems is to actually start doing something about them ("even the tiniest action..."). But of course some people just cannot be bothered...

(SPOILER ALERT: Btw, this explains how the villain in the movie ended up on the other side. His character is neither underdeveloped, nor underplayed. In fact, the way he is is crucial to the story. As played superbly by Mr. Laurie, Governor Nix of Tomorrowland did not start out as evil incarnate - he simply gave up on good... and then, like, made three more steps in that direction. Which unfortunately included sealing up the place, emptying it of creative influences, and dispatching killer robots not to let anyone in. He will gladly criticize the whole world citing every cliché in the book, but won't lift a finger to try to help anyone. He's past caring. In a parable of the tale, where Athena is the Future, Cassie is Optimism, and Frank is Realism - Nix stands for Negativity, the joyless hopeless cynic. END OF SPOILER)

SO, IF THE MESSAGE OF THE MOVIE RESONATES WITH YOU, you are in for the ride of your life! You will spend two hours on the edge of your seat wowed how smart and tight and thrilling the story is, how acting is spot-on and direction is flawless, and the only thing you'll regret at the end is that the movie is over. You'll be left with a good buzz, walk out inspired, and wish to see it again, soon. Basically, this is how the film got its 6+ (IMDB's for 'Yeah!') vast majority rating. Get it and watch it by all means, you'll love it!

IF YOU ARE TOO BUSY FOR HOPE IN YOUR LIFE - you will most likely miss its point completely and be bored and irritated and even somehow offended by the whole thing, spend next two hours wondering what all the fuss is about and what any wolves have to do with it (or decide it must be something political and thrash your pet political peeve) and finally end up reflecting how empty and disappointing everything is, that events and actions do not seem to add up and there is no "chemistry" between characters (whatever meaning that might have), and how 'Fury Road' had more blood, 'Aliens' had more aliens, and 'Swiss Family Robinson', well, more Robinsons. This accounts for quite a few reviews it got from other critics and viewers. If you are in this range, you'd be better off skipping it altogether.

(Btw, if you are watching this movie as a chaperon for younger children - the ratings people owe you an apology. The movie is more suited for PG-13 (ages twelve to hundred audiences, same as 'Pirates of Caribbean' and 'Hobbit') - which the authors apparently pushed for, in ideas, plot points, and occasional word choice. Try watching this one on your own, you'll have a blast! )

SOMEBODY NOTICED in another post that, quite interestingly, the reviews people write here, be that "fun, full of hope and inspiring" or "shallow, pointless and boring", actually seem to be "talking about their own lives" instead. Well, maybe that's what all really good art is about - however you look at it, you look at yourself.