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Granted unprecedented access, Berlinger captures renowned life and business strategist Tony Robbins behind the scenes of his mega seminar Date with Destiny, pulling back the curtain on this life-altering and controversial event, the zealous participants and the man himself.

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Tony Robbins: I Am Not Your Guru movie full length review - A little too Familiar...

I note some fake reviewers using the same "Familiar" phrase. I have watched the scores on this movie plummet. Perhaps if he could persuade more of his mind controlled minions (the ones so 'familiar' with him and his 'work') to give more 100% reviews he could help stop the rating slide.

You have to look hard to find a plot in what so many reviewers call a 2 hour long infomercial. I have seen much better infomercials and I think putting this 'movie' in that class does infomercial's a disservice.

The damage and successes that come with his at times physically aggressive and often sleazy interventions are typical of coin flip amateur psychology. Fortunately for his ego he has surrounded himself with a team of free groupies (that he calls staff) who are so enamored by his pituitary tumor induced Giantism that any failed interventions are spun as successes and successes are held up as further proof of his divine glory.

Obviously out of some sense of guilt it is explained on multiple occasions that his Tourette like obsession for the f word is actually a cunning use of "taboo words" to break peoples states. We can only blame the first audience that laughed when he dropped an accidental f bomb, and so it was that Tony learned that by saying it repeatedly he could get laughs and attention. He does and incredible job of squeezing the f word so many times into his sentences that all one can remember was, f*CK that was the f*King sh*t, that was so f**Ked up, I am now free of all the f**king bull s*it and ready to get f**king real, f*Uck yea!? ad Infinitum.

On a positive note, the DJ who does these shows is amazing, rapidly finding the perfect music to match the touching moments when people bare their all, Jerry Springer style, in front of thousands of strangers. The atmosphere at these events is electrifying and is undoubtedly a great meet market for 30 somethings in need of a trans-formative life change.

A word of warning for men, as we can see, Tony is top dog and will happily attempt to destroy your until now great relationship to get 5 minutes of Fellatio back stage with your now former girl. Its stunning how many pretty girls he chooses, seemingly at random from the audience for 'interventions'.

Overall a must see 'movie' if you have two hours of your life you never want back or if you are considering canceling a Netflix subscription and just need one good reason, this is the movie for you!