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Trevor Moore recorded his first solo one-hour special, High In Church, at The Gramercy Theatre in New York. Accompanied by a live band, dancing girls and music videos, Trevor performs an hour of brand-new sketches and songs spanning all musical genres.

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Trevor Moore: High In Church movie full length review - God Hates the Tips of Little Babies' Dicks

This special is primarily musical comedy, which tends towards repetition and strained rhyme schemes, but I was pleasantly surprised at how good it was.

For fans of Whitest Kids U Know, it is familiar territory. For those who are not, I recommend a quick YouTube search. Trevor Moore is the high school stoner who never grew up but actually worked hard and became a successful comedian. His comedy is equal parts self deprecating and irreverent, but not at all misanthropic at its heart. At times he delivers exceedingly biting and clever lines in a happy, oblivious tone, and at other times dumb stoner jokes in a dark, serious tone. I burst out laughing quite a bit, mostly in the first half or so, but I stayed entertained throughout. Trevor is no Rich Pryor but he's worked on his chops as a solo act since WKUK and Miss March.