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Lovable and friendly, the trolls love to play around. But one day, a mysterious giant shows up to end the party. Poppy, the optimistic leader of the Trolls, and her polar opposite, Branch, must embark on an adventure that takes them far beyond the only world they’ve ever known.

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Trolls movie full length review - Feel The Joy, Feel Alive

Video games, documentaries, true stories, songs, theatrical productions, mechanical attractions or books are some of the sources of inspiration for the seventh art to develop a universe full of ideas.

Children's films certainly opt for puerile subjects correlated with today; the toy industry its main ally. Rich in genre and style, adaptations have been varied about small and innocuous objects which entertain the kids: "Ouija" by Mike Flanagan, "Lego Movie" by Phil Lord and Christopher Miller, Michael Bay's "Transformers" and clearly "Toy Story" by John Lasseter are vast references in the prominent sub- genre. As a demonstration of its infallible success at the box office and acceptance by movie critics, they are mostly franchises willing to continue expanding. It's patent that the plurality of this type of films totally controls child audience, and the latest invention in the subject also does it.

From the studio that brought you "Shrek", "Madagascar" and "Kung Fu Panda", comes out a colorful range of characters ( they hope it becomes in a profitable franchise ); with a conception very similar to "The Smurfs", "Trolls" or «Dam Dolls» (original name) is the most recent work of animation factory, Dreamworks. The Danish fisherman and woodcutter Thomas Dam created in 1959 a doll of excellent quality, featuring sheep wool hair and glass eyes. An error in the copyright made its reputation was biggest due to the manufacture of illegal imitations of minor detail, was so great the commercial impact obtained, that they even harbored superstitions related to the good luck that the consumer will acquire. Nowadays, the popularity of toys is insubstantial, however, its filmic project comes loaded with tons of marketing, ranging from dolls to music discs.

What If I told you that you can have the opportunity to experience true and complete happiness, eating a positive small being? "Trolls" is about this. These tiny and adorable creatures to live, to hug, to dance, and to sing every day, every hour. Like the Smurfs, these friends share singularities Park and emotional certain designating your color and way of being. Unfortunately, his perennial satisfaction is affected by the despite and hideous Bergens, desirous of a dose of love and joy. Years of abstinence have passed since last joy festival, and now the Chef (Christine Baranski) has located the whereabouts of small enthusiasts. She abducts a good part of them, obliging Poppy (Anna Kendrick) and her pole apart Branch (Justin Timberlake) - something like Joy and Sadness from "Inside Out" - to rescue their family. An adventure of discoveries, deceptions and union will do the journey a passage full of color, music and teachings.

In movies like these is frequent to see great singers, models, actors or characters lend their unmistakable voices in order to give more brilliance and personality to the film. Kendrick, Timberlake, Deschanel, Stefani or Corden are the main team, identifiable by their mere surnames. Seeing the artistic convergence of its leads, "Trolls" is the perfect musical for a contingent wave of children's films of such tone, which are to come. Classics of yesteryear and modern classics are put together in each scene in a wonderful way, usually accompanied by an original dance routine and flashing graphics. Earth, Wind and Fire's "September," Lionel Richie's "Hello," rhythmical "Can't Stop the Feeling" by Timberlake or the duet on "Get Back Up Again" will make you provide a chorus, slightly move your feet or scream wildly with trolls on screen. Obviously, it is not "Frozen", but offers a different direction to musical animated movies.

Thanks to the development of the story, it is noticeable that screenwriters and artists have been inspired by the big successes of Pixar. The most striking is the template selected from "Monsters Inc" and "Inside Out" for characters and situations. It conceives memorable characters with difficulty, the same thing naturally attained the Pixar film with all its monsters; "Trolls" does the attempt, nonetheless, categorizes its characters in recurring roles, Bridget as Cinderella, Cooper as Rex from "Toy Story", Poppy as Joy from "Inside Out", and the most obvious: Cloud Guy, comical-periodic role almost copied of all feature films in Pixar.

Although it is occasionally cloying, too childish and sickeningly sweet, it enchants with each frame. Visually, the art department, visual effects and animation capture the sensibility of the moment, with thousands of textures such as felt, foamy, glitter, or hundreds of vivid colors with different tonalities, and nuances; the situations get their greater brightness in front of the spectators.

For those who manage to touch the ground, sitting in a movie theater seat, "Trolls" can be too noisy, colorful or sickly-sweet. For those who have to go the bathroom with dad, "Trolls" is an explosion of teachings - joy isn't in the tangible, is within yourself -, music and toys that you will want to buy out of the theater. Being one or the other, "Trolls" is a proper continuation of modern musical films, with a powerful soundtrack, irresistible visuals, a concise story and a rebirth for the marketing of the film.