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After a publisher changes a writer's debut novel about a deadly assassin from fiction to nonfiction, the author finds himself thrust into the world of his lead character, and must take on the role of his character for his own survival.

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True Memoirs of an International Assassin movie full length review - A Not So Dumb Spy Hero Action Comedy

It took a while, but either actor Kevin James, director Jeff Wadlow, or screenwriter Jeff Morris or all of them together were able to produce a not so dumb spy hero comedy.

Traditionally of late, dumb heroes have been presented as clumsy and truly mentally challenged. Yet in the beginning, it required a lot of talent, intelligence, and finesse to truly pull it off, as Charlie Chaplin as The Great Dictator (1940) or Peter Sellers as Inspector Jacques Clouseau in The Pink Panther (1963). Now usually our comedic heroes have become bumbling fools and lazy copy-kinds of the pratfall junk humor without intelligence as even Kevin James found himself in Paul Blart: Mall Cop (2009) or Owen Wilson in Shanghai Noon (2000). It took director James Carpenter with actor Kurt Russell to successfully replicate a decent not so dumb hero who was actual pretty narcissistically blind about its own failure in the comedy adventure Big Trouble in Little China (1986). Instead in Memoirs, the audience is immediately presented with an opening scene with action-packed James Bond themed physical combat accompanied with its own version of Bond's energetic musical pulsating melody. Building upon the more over the top writer fantasy comedy of John Candy's performance in Delirious (1991), Memoirs captures a much more competent but innocent civilian with a case of mistaken identity which requires our, hero, Same Larson becoming super spy Mason Carver played by Kevin James. Memoirs accomplishes in its fine balance between humor and serious action and intrigue offering its audience the thrill of laughter and suspense, like a delicious sweet and sour Chinese dish.