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The transition from girl to woman can be tough, and for these wayward TS beauties it's even more challenging. Enter Mz. Berlin, the unorthodox cis-Headmistress at a school for troubled teens. TS lesbian teen Chelsea Poe seduces blonde cis-cutie Suzie Spindrift, earning her some severe sexual discipline from Mistress Berlin. Troubled TS Tiffany Starr also gets a big dose of tough love from Berlin, while Chelsea's TS aunt Jaqueline eases the stress caused by her troubled niece with hot young lover Wolf Hudson.

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TS Bad Girls movie full length review - Successful Nica Noelle gender-bending, not for all audiences

Resembling an excellent "underground" video I viewed recently titled "Fucking Mystic", this mix & match transsexual effort from Nica Noelle is quite interesting and stimulating in its role-playing way. You have to be willing to accept "alternate" life styles to watch.

Noelle's stroke of genius is to bring back to the screen Mz. Berlin, the doyenne of fetish models of a decade ago, who has done very interesting work for Nica in a variety of genres. Now she's put on lots of weight to become plus size, and it succeeds in making her even bigger than before breasts look way more natural this time around. Her trademark red-dyed hairdo is nearly pink, but her hearty laugh and unbeatable domineering chatter are intact.

Berlin is cast as Dorothy Littletree, headmistress of Bartlett Academy for wayward girls. Her mission is to whip them into shape in a few months, making j.d.'s into potentially model citizens.

Unfortunate wrinkle, which is the fun part, is that Berlin is her old self, a dom who enjoys abusing young things, a she-wolf in charge of the hen house. One of Nica's gimmicks is that the girls are a mix of transsexual ladies and cis girls (i.e., natural born women).

As if that weren't enough, opening segment stars striking Latina cover-girl Jacquelin Braxton, on the phone with her sister recommending Bartlett's for a misbehaving offspring. She's in bed with Wolf Hudson, himself a Nica regular who like Berlin works in all gender genres, and is comfortable humping all comers.

Braxton possesses a cock nearly as big as Wolf's moneymaker, but after mutual oral sex, she is the bottom to his top. Her big natural breasts are undoubtedly a highlight of this vignette.

From a box office standpoint (please permit my anachronistic usage of that term), Chelsea Poe is the star of the video, having already made a terrific appearance in Nica's "My TS Student" as well as leading role in aforementioned "Fucking Mystic". She abuses a new student, cis girl Suzie Spindrift, who is quite interesting casting by virtue of her normalcy - doesn't resemble a movie actress at all.

For this transgression, Poe must be punished, and Berlin is just the lady to mete it out. She has a big strap-on dildo for such occasions, but Poe predictably enjoys the treatment and delivers her second cum shot of the show. Berlin is into BDSM, so a little harmless choking is thrown into the mix.

Another trans girl is guilty of infraction, Tiffany Starr whose physical appearance is a bit closer to a drag queen look (with augmented breasts) than usual for Nica's beauties. Just making her room messy with clothing strewn about is enough to subject her to Berlin's fingering, but to cover all bases Tiff puts on a condom and humps Berlin doggy-style. Needless to say, all the protagonists have a good time.

With this video for her new Transsensual label, Nica has covered nearly all bases in her "freedom" quest, and it now remains to be seen if more general audiences will catch up with her. Or more likely, they will continue to hanker for the next manufactured glossy imitation of Anna Nicole, Pamela, or Jenna to come along the porn pipeline.