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A young woman struggles to move on with her life after the death of her husband, an acclaimed folk singer, when a brash New York writer forces her to confront her loss and the ambiguous circumstances of his death.

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Tumbledown movie full length review - So Moving That I Can't Stop Talking About It

Having been raised in Maine, I was excited to watch this movie as much as I am for any movie set in the state where I spent my childhood. I was not disappointed.

This movie was not only charming and noteworthy, it also evoked a certain kind of peaceful serenity and sense of hope in me. I believe that it was filmed primarily in Canada but the countryside appeared the same as the rolling blue/green hills of Northern and Western Maine. The soundtrack is incredible. The music by Damien Jurado (check out the soundtrack) is often playing in the background like Hannah's lost husband is an acting character and it is so incredibly beautiful that you really don't ever want the movie to end. When it does you really want to go out and buy that soundtrack.

When I watch Hannah struggle through her heartbreak, I am moved. Rebecca Hall does an amazing job representing a true Maine woman in all of her glorious strengths and weaknesses. When the winter is cold and the electricity is out, you light a fire and snuggle up in a sleeping bag in front of it. That's just what you do- you don't complain about it. Maine is a tough place. So vast and beautiful and sprinkled with complex people with their own stories and hardships. Jason Sudeikis was gorgeous as always. This was a romantic comedy and I definitely did laugh...often.

The accents are on point and lets be honest, a real Maine accent is almost impossible to be truly recreated by an actor with no real experience down east. Every single charming character was perfectly created and important to the plot, in my opinion, as small as their part may have been. Finally let me give a huge round of applause to the writer. The script! Every verbal interaction was so intelligent, sometimes comedic, sometimes full of emotion and passion. "How is New York? Full of too many people as always?" It's just smart. I appreciate dialogue like words on a page. It was beautifully written. Some of us have been waiting for a movie like this and I couldn't be more satisfied . It's a definite "buy it, add it to your library, and watch it again and again on cold winter days" kind of movie. Tumbledown is a movie metaphor and a mountain...Now I've seen them both with my own eyes and they are amazing.