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In a post-apocalyptic wasteland, an orphaned teen must battle a ruthless warlord to save the girl of his dreams.

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Turbo Kid movie full length review - This Was a Very Fun Film.

I Liked This Film I thought it was entertaining and funny,and I really enjoyed the Action. The film has very over the top blood and Gore and even some of the characters are over the top and crazy but I liked that.

Despite the Gore This is not really a Horror film it's more of a Sci-Fi Action Comedy. The Comedy was good by the way,it was definitely my kind of comedy. This is definitely not a Film to be taken seriously it's more of a Fun throwback popcorn Flick. This movie had a Fun 80s vibe to it and at times it felt a little bit like Mad Max.

Turbo kid is a post apocalyptic film that has a strange sense of humour to it. I thought the film had an interesting story and I liked the main character. The lead kid likes to read comic books called Turbo Rider and one day he decides he wants to become the superhero from the book and he finds this Helmet and Laser blaster and he fights the bad guys with it which I thought was very cool. There is definitely more to this film than meets the eye, I thought it was different from most other post apocalyptic films.

What I liked about this film was that it had balls, it went all out in its Craziness and I liked that it did that. It's like the people who made the film knew what they wanted their film to be and they went all out with it. The film was a lot of Fun to watch and there was a good twist in the film that I did Not see coming. The movie was fast paced and when the Action happens it just keeps going. The bad guy played by Michael Ironside owns a pig piece of the wasteland and he does not want anyone coming onto his land and taking his Water unless they Earn it. Michael ironside has a group of warriors that work for him and they go and hunt and kill the people that he orders them to kill. I thought Michael Ironside gave a good performance and he is one of the good things about the film.He was actually a Villain you love to Hate and If you watch the movie you will know what I mean when I say that.I Liked how The Main boy and his friends worked together and fight all of the bad guys. I found the Ending Fight extremely Entertaining and Over the Top.

I thought the acting was good from everyone and I also liked the gory make up Effects I thought they were very well done and Fun to look at. There are some crazy Gore effects towards the end of the movie that blew me away by how over the top they were. This film definitely has a lot of things going for it and the over the top Blood and Gore is one of them,the other is definitely the Action. The two main characters were likable and there was another character I liked called Frederic who was this crazy guy,he was a cool kind of crazy guy if that makes sense. I thought Frederic kicked a lot of Ass and I found him Hilarious, he came out with some of the best one Liners. I also liked the Friendship between Apple and the kid I thought it was nice and they were characters that I was rooting for all the time.

Having likable characters definitely helps in your movie because then you have someone to root for and you also care about what happens to them. That is another great positive that the movie has and those characters alone will make this film memorable.I thought Laurence Leaubeuf Was cute and I liked her character of Apple I thought she was very Quirky and crazy and I Liked that about her because it made her Interesting.She also made me Laugh a Few times.This film was just a Fun over the Top Thrill Ride and I Loved every minute of it. I don't know what else I can say about this Film that hasn't already been said except go and Watch it it's a definite Must See!.