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When Jack, a rough and tough vampire slayer, is bitten by his arch-nemesis Monty, he has but one day left to live before he becomes the very thing he has been hunting for most of his life.

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Turned movie full length review - Fang-tastic

The moment this film begins there's a vibe that speaks volumes. This movie epitomizes everything you'd expect from Blinky Productions.

The mix of comedic dialogue and a tone so dark and serious, this is what we need in a Vampire flick. The effects are spot on. I really like the balanced use of practical and cgi effects. The actors portray their characters so well and really made you feel their pain and purpose. My favorite line is from Heather, "hope you taste as good as you f*ck". The relationship between Padre and Jack can definitely be felt. The ending just makes you want more. Is Jack alive? What will Padre do? Who is next to turn? I really hope all these questions will be answered in the next chapter. I am 100% "Turned"on.