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Explores the drama of power, political back-stabbing, war and murder and chronicles King Tut's rise to glory, his efforts to rule a chaotic empire and the enigma surrounding his death.

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Tut movie full length review - The boy's journey to kingship is undeniably painted with lavish production, yet it's also unevenly slow and devoid of novelty.

Right from the start, Tut presents itself with grand and gorgeous set. It certainly boasts high presentation, ranging from the colorful costume, immense environment to heavy amount of make-up.

The goal is clearly to make an epic tale, however it's also disjointed in many areas as the narrative progresses with slow political build up and occasional melodramatic romance.

This is the chronicle of Tut (Avan Jogia) as he deals with personal issues and outside oppositions to seize his birthright of becoming pharaoh. The most notable name here is Sir Ben Kingsley. After Exodus, Prince of Persia and even the recent Night at the Museum, it's hardly surprising that he's cast as the adviser role. Simply by having him, the show elevates its acting department as he performs with stoic conviction, in a way carrying the younger actors.

If the delivery of this miniseries reminds audience of Moses' tale (pick any modern rendition of it), because it is built to be an heroic spectacle. It presents hefty amount of political maneuvering and betrayal, as well as the more titillating sexual depiction and bloodbath. The presentation is catered around this idea, and for half the part, it does well.

The view is vibrant and its aesthetic is quite eye-catching. Design for both opulence and crude war is highly presentable, yet the actual human drama might be a stale. Story moves in slow pace, which is invested heavily on love triangle subplot and disgruntled general premise. It tries to bring fresh outlook, but unfortunately at times it feels like juvenile squabble instead of legendary vie for power.

Use of mature subject could've been dealt with more poise. It repeats many sexual acts, nudity, and literal face front gore. With restraint these may be indulging, though the series often puts them to seemingly prolong the gratuitous viewing, it may become unintentionally numbing.

Tut has all the riches of epic story, yet these are smoke and mirrors to pander audience with sensational beauty. It may offer a small degree of enjoyment, although the actual core of narrative and human relationship to drive a legendary tale seem to be lacking.