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Adopted from South Korea, raised on different continents & connected through social media, Samantha & Anaïs believe that they are twin sisters separated at birth.

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Twinsters movie full length review - The year 2013 was eventful for these twins who grew up strangers.

Most of my interests have always been the science of the world we live in and one in particular is the phenomenon of identical twins. Children who are of the same DNA but who grew up as two separate people. No two people in the world are as similar as identical twins.

We also were given the gift of having identical twins in our extended family so this documentary was even more interesting to me.

In summary just let me say this is a totally absorbing film and watching it alternately brought warm feelings and tears to my eyes. The sisters are great, they appreciate the lives they have been given, their parents and friends appreciate them.

All this would not have been possible for them had it not been for the internet, especially Youtube and Facebook. In 2013, when the sisters were about 26, one friend noticed an image that looked just like his friend but knew it wasn't his friend. This got into motion messages, friend requests, online chats, Skype visits, and finally a remarkable face-to-face visit in London.

Originally put up for adoption in Korea, Anais Bordier, one of the twins, grew up in France while the other, Samantha (Sam) Futerman, grew up in New Jersey. Anais moved to London to pursue her fashion design interests while Sam moved to Los Angeles to pursue acting. In fact, with funding help through Kickstarter, Sam acted as writer, producer, and director for this documentary.