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Two Step is a fast-paced Texas thriller in which the lives of James, a directionless college dropout, and Webb, a career criminal with his back against the wall, violently collide.

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Two Step movie full length review - Fantastic Thriller

Two Step's narrative, actors, sound, and cinematography all deliver exceedingly well, in this fantastic thriller, drama, action, low budgeted film.

These factors get better and better as the movie progresses. The characters remain memorable, the gun shots remain memorable, and the suspenseful guitar theme remains memorable. Most action thrillers are predictable, but the way Two Step's plot progressives leaves the suspense hanging throughout the entire film.

I would have given the film a 9 if not for the dialogue and acting that lacked in parts of the beginning. However, this did not decrease the quality of the exposition, as it was told very creatively, focusing mainly on visuals and actions from both James, the protagonist, and Webb, the antagonist.

The movie is violent, suspenseful, and very mature, not appropriate for ages below 11 or 12.