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A psychopath uses a family's high tech security system with a ticking time bomb to terrorize them for 90 minutes demanding an answer to his question; 'WHO AM I?'

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Unknown Caller movie full length review - Slow paced and terrible casting.

The story focuses on a family who has a well advanced security system and a man, who is the unknown caller, placed a bomb under the house.

The main theme of this movie is that the father (David Chisum) needs to answer the unknown callers question of Who Am I? This is a slow paced movie as it takes too long to get to a point for example after the unknown caller kills the cat, the father drinks water, then sleeps. I understand that everyone needs to drink and sleep. But I found that in thriller movies I'll rather try and figure out how to solve this situation. Then waste time. Like when he tells his wife there is a bomb she smiles. There is more relationship drama than anything else. I think this movie is better if you have a flu and just you want something to help you fall asleep.