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Global climate change prompts a scientific corporation to genetically modify Alaskan polar bears with horrific and deadly results.

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Unnatural movie full length review - Predictable cannon fodder

Predictable cannon fodder

Yep, we have another Made in China run of the mill cliché inducing stereotypical predictable Hollywood piece of cloned bear crap.

But why, Sam, oh why do you say these things?!

Example 1: beautiful people are framed by a company man telling them "It's climate changes fault!" type of back story. This is for the viewer's benefit and we must take it as given because if we questioned the company man and his marketing campaign we would realise that taking such a complex issue and condensing it into 20 seconds of monologue isn't strong enough, interesting enough or believable enough to create a goddam story we would want to pay attention to or even PAY TO WATCH!

Example 2: panicking lab coat science geek shouting over the tannoy for Dr. Keller to stay out of NP2 but ooohhh no that crazy old Doc Keller and his goofy sidekick, they're just opening up that NP2 door and KUBOOOOF!

Example 3: this surprised me. Annoying and overtly racist city guy sits at the dinner table up there in the cold north with his beautiful friends and the weather-beaten animal killing local hosts with whom he is engaging in witty repartee, and he does the usual thing: calls the Injun fella at the table an Injun fella and describes his people as fish on a stick types...you know where this is going. So obviously City Guy loses any remaining shred of sympathy he probably never had. The native looks on, disgusted. That should be that. But no: the native guy then slips effortlessly into exactly the stereotypical role City Guy just cast him in by telling some B.S. story about BIG MASSIVE BEARS that his tribe FEAR. And the funny thing is, we the viewers know IT'S (sort of) TRUE! HAHAHA!!

And you get all of that in the first fifteen minutes. You want more, huh? THEN GO WATCH IT! WASTE YOUR OWN LIVES!