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Action - The harrowing true story of the crew of the USS Indianapolis, who were stranded in the Philippine Sea for five days after delivering the atomic weapons that would eventually end WWII. As they awaited rescue, they endured extreme thirst, hunger, and relentless shark attacks. - Nicolas Cage, Matt Lanter, Thomas Jane

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USS Indianapolis: Men of Courage movie full length review - It could be so much better ,it must have been much better....

This is my first rewiew, but I just had to write something.Maybe some spoilers, but, who didn't ever heard about actual story, watched Jaws or ,,Night of the sharks'' , this whole text will be spoiler.

.. The real story is one of the dramatic life stories, not even during the WWII, and I expected to see the real drama of sailors who survived the sinking , and most of them didn't even know that real battle for life is yet to come...But,what we get is uncreative piece that deserves to go straight to video or TV at the best... A lot of rip-offs of Titanic, Pearl Harbour ,end ,even Band of Brothers. CGI of submarine , torpedoes or shark attack is that dreadful that I don't have enough text space to write about all flaws...enough to say that Hallmark chanel have better produced and edited movies, that bad that was.What to say about the actors, in the movie you have Nicolas Cage,Tom Sizemore, James Remar and Thomas Jane sometimes were solid actors, but their careers are very questionable those days, but what to say when you see Tom Sizemore in this one, and , automatically you're remembering some of his old roles, especially in Saving private Ryan, or N. Cage...you just have to cringe... In this movie you have some moments that can bond you with the situation or characters, but, in my opinion, it seems to accidentally turn out that way, and not the director intended, as I mentioned in the beginning of this text...one scene from Jaws, when Robert Shaw spoke about the real event have much more soul, tension and You bond,trough that one scene that lasts just couple of minutes, with the ,,survivor'' much more than with any character from this try to be a movie...the only good thing is dialogue between Cage and Yutaka Takeuchi,actor who played Japanese submarine comander at the end of the movie.And for the end, Mario Van Peebles should be ashamed for his work on this film.... It could be so much better ,it deserves to be much better....I wanted to give 2 stars as grade, but, trough my writings I decided to give 1 , cause of events that film portrays, bringing the A-bomb to the Philippines, tragedy of soldiers in sea for four days and the life of a real captain McVay trough he's whole life till the tragic death... it must have been much better ...