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A young Spanish woman who has newly moved to Berlin finds her flirtation with a local guy turn potentially deadly as their night out with his friends reveals a dangerous secret.

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Victoria movie full length review - Good movie but feels very slow until the hour mark.

Berlin, 04:00. After having her club time Victoria decides to leave. At the door a man, whom with his three friends are denied entry, asks her about the club.

As she leaves the boys get kicked out again. Outside one of the boys introduced himself as Sonne and asks her to join them for a drink. She agrees to join him and Boxer, Blinker, and Fuss. Sonne takes her to buy beer. As they find the clerk sleeping, Sonne decides to walk out slowly with the beer. They then go to a roof where the boys usually hang out. After some chat Victoria leaves saying she has to open her workplace café later at 07:00. Sonne leaves to escort her. At the café she invites him for cocoa. Soon the boys come and pick him up. They leave Victoria, stealing a parked car. They quickly get back to her as Fuss is too drunk. Boxer insists they be four men so he demands Sonne to ask Victoria to join them.

She agrees, and drives the car. They meet a gangster who protected Boxer in prison. Now the man demands something for it, asking them to rob a bank. Bocer refuses and promises the man his money. But he asks to hold Victoria. Sonne quickly steps in, telling him they'd do it. They practice the heist and then go for it. Victoria mans the wheel as they go in. She accidentally turned the engine off. Boxer has to hot-wire it again on exit, sending everybody in panic. But they regain control and leave the car near the club where they first met. They go back in there, not denied entry due to tipping much. There Victoria and Sonne find a romantic moment. But soon they all get kicked out for being erratic. The sky has already brighten up. Victoria asks the boys about Fuss, whom they've all forgotten he's still sleeping in the car. They slowly walk away after seeing police has already found the car.

They can't control their panic and soon get chased by the police. Blinker gets shot while Victoria, Sonne and Boxer hides behind a wall and return fire to the police. They retreat to another wall but Boxer gets shot in the leg. As the police advance Sonne and Victoria leave him into an apartment building. On the stairs Sonne threatens a man to give them shelter. The police surrounds the building. Victoria talks the man's wife to borrow their baby. She and Sonne take the baby and gets pass the police. They leave the baby at a store as Victoria promised the mother, then rides on a taxi. They go to Westin hotel where Sonne reveals that he was shot and is now wounded. He tells Victoria to take the money and disappear. Moments later he dies and Victoria controls herself and leaves the hotel.

I was first interested about this movie when I saw some reviews of it comparing it to last year's Birdman. I have to say that those reviews did just a slight bit of truth. This movie is indeed shot in the way like how Birdman is done, using very clever production design and cinematography practice and neat and precise editing to create the illusion of the movie being shot uncut. But there still a long way to even compare the two. Yet I think this movie also has its own plus that Birdman didn't have.

The story nicely put the thriller aroma into the whole one long single uncut shot deal. As Birdman is a heavy delirious drama dealing with relationships and personal flaws, Victoria is a very grounded movie set about how a girl's day can turn from the ordinary youth into the one against the law. What I also like about Victoria is that this movie's chronology is really a straight through two hour duration, without any time skip, which in Birdman helped to set the story but reduced the enjoyment from having the whole one long shot take.

What's bad about Victoria is that it tends to be very slow, especially for the first hour. The whole thriller suspense only start from about the midpoint on. The first hour has so many unnecessary scenes and even some scenes took up too much time. In the first hour the movie depicts some criminal delinquency but I don't think the movie producers intended those to serve as a thriller ingredient. The other bad thing is the camera work itself. It's being done weirdly since the camera man is apparently non existent in the movie's world but we can hear his heavy breathing, badly unedited from the audio.

The acting is decently good in overall. But I think this is achieved not mainly from the cast's talents, but instead from The nice composition of the time frame and lighting choices. Laia Costa did well enough in portraying Victoria, her curiosity and her sense of friendship. Frederick Lau quite balanced Costa's performance, particularly on the closer shots. Franz Rogowski, Burak Yigit and Max Mauff nicely completes the story, each in their respective dose of screen time.

My view for Victoria is that it gets a 7 out of 10 score. A recommendation only goes out for those who really enjoyed Birdman because as I said earlier this movie didn't really start to be suspenseful until past the hour mark.