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The year is 2086. Seventy years ago the entire human race went invisible. Ten years ago, a small number of people began to mysteriously reappear. While theories exist, no one knows what's truly going on. When Guy, a conflicted artist, is presented with the knowledge that he has the power to transform back to his visible state, he's faced with a tough dilemma: does he become visible and accept a life of vulnerability and possible judgment, or does he stay invisible and risk losing an existence of passion, honesty, and love?

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Visible movie full length review - Visible Short Film review: Thumbs Up

Very interesting story line, intriguing editing/flow and enchanting visuals in this short film. Extra bonus: Nostalgic for LOST fans with the cast selection.

There is undeniable chemistry between Sonya Walger and Henry Ian Cusick. The cinematography is extremely catchy. Great short to watch for those who are into creative use of color and catchy art and graphics. Shorts give viewers "a piece of something" and Visible accomplishes that goal and left this viewer wanting more of the whole dynamic story with the accompanying captivating visuals and cast. I seriously hope in the future to see it as a full feature film. Visually entertaining and the underlying story is thought provoking. Check it out.